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#Gomukhasanam : Need to do on each leg. Enhances lungs, heart and kidney.

Best For: Good to recover shape of breasts.

Activates pancreas and helps control diabetes.

Good for hernia and arthritic problems.

Things to Notice: Anyone can do this asana. However it is difficult to attain the complete posture.

How To Do It: Strictly Follow the instructions in the video.

Gorgeous Actress and model #YaminiSharma gives instructions to beginners about various #yoga poses and the health benefits of each yoga poses (asana or yogasanas). Yamini Sharma has appeared in Kannada, Tamil and Malayalm films. Kannada movie Gang Leader is the most noticed one. Her role in Magane en Marumakane (Tamil) also drove attention. Her other films include Kusuma, Bidda (both Kannada) and Mayabazar (Malayalam).

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