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Women’s Fitness is much more than losing weight. Remember, just because someone loses a lot of weight doesn’t mean that they are physically fit and weight loss alone does not constitute a healthy fitness plan.
All too often, we judge our physical health by how much we weigh. What a mistake! The number on a scale will only give you a limited assessment of what your physical health really is. Your body weight is comprised of the weight of your bones, organs, muscles, connective tissues, fluids and yes, fat.

Abs Exercises:
1.Plank Exercise
3.Reach through crunches

Steps for Workout( to avoid Muscle injuries and ligament Strain):
1.Pulse Raising -Without workout equipment
2. Mobilisation Exercises including Stretching
3. Workout
3.CoolDown Exercises
1) Protein Rich Foods –
Egg White, Skin Less Chicken
Nuts – Almond, Walnut
(Limited amount)
2) Fibre Rich Foods
Vegetables, Salads
3) Flax Seeds
4) Greek Yogurt
5) Healthy Fats : Olive Oil
6) Fish
7) More Water IntakeDiet to Avoid:
^ Sugar
^ Junk Food
^ Fatty Oils
^ Carbs
Diet :For an average adult:

1.Green Tea : Empty Stomach (Early Morning)
2.Breakfast : Egg white(3),Oats (50gm) or 2 Brown Bread with
Peanut Butter, Orange or Apple;1
3.Lunch : 1 or 2 Chappathy ,Chicken Or Fish steamed,Salad 

4.Snack : Green Tea ,2 Egg White , Nuts 4 or 5 

5.Dinner : Boiled Chicken 100 – 150 gms , Vegetable Salad 
  ( Drink At least 3 Litre Water / Day )




Planks for Beginners



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